The many wonders of friendship

Wow I really need to keep posting here. I never actually make enough time to do it. But everytime I start typing words just keep coming and coming and it’s hard to let them make any sense at all…

Life has been hectic lately, never have enough time for all the things I want to do. I we could all just work 2 days and be free 5 days a week. That would do wonders for my social life. Being so busy with work and study and working all these crazy late shifts makes it so damn hard to make plans with friends. Whenever I am free they are at school or work. And when I am working they always call to ask me if I want to hang out. So unfair! This last weekend I missed out on 2 birthday parties and a big BBQ. 

Work is hard and exhausting because we are very short in staff at our department in the hospital. So we have lots to do with very few people. We all work extra hard and have no breaks so we are all completely exhausted at the end of the day. So when I get home I make dinner, put my son in bath and then to bed and then should be time for me or my friends but all I want to do is sleep. Instead I hide behind the computer and escape to Second Life. There I can make time for my friends, go out have fun and not have to worry about having the energie to do so in real life. 

I do wish all my real life friends would sign up for Second Life so I can still spend time with them more often but they don’t really understand what it is that I love about Second Life so much. And even though to me it’s very clear it’s so hard to put in words when it comes to my friends.

Yesterday I stayed home sick from work for many reasons. Most important reason being that I really really felt sick and kept running to the bathroom.  I was feeling really down. I signed on to Second Life to see if I could get my mind off real life stuff and just try to have some fun.  I went to a club with a few friends and just enjoyed good chats and nice music. It’s really simple things like that, that make such a big difference. I made a new friend while being there and he added me to MSN & Skype. We talked for hours and he made me laugh so hard I really forgot all about feeling down and I could not stop smiling.  He told me that it is ok for me to stop thinking about everyone else for a moment and really focus on myself. Chose for my own happiness instead of always putting everyone else first. This got me thinking that I really have not been happy lately. So it is true I need to take better care of myself. This should be my next big challenge! See you all next time… keep the comments coming!


They call me CraZy…

Ok been a while after my last post… Been busy with work and my study trying to catch up and get a more positive look on things. It’s working well I must say, work has been so much better and so has my study. Just need to make time and actually do it.  In Real Life I have been making some time for my lovely friends. I miss not being able to spend as much time as I would like with them. Last saturday we had ourselfs a girls night out wich was really amazing. Don’t think I have laughed that hard in a long long time. We went out for dinner and drinks and later went to a bar where we danced and had more drinks. I never really drink much so I got completely CraZy… I forgot to bring my camera that night but I am guessing it’s for the best. One of my friends did took a few pics wth her phone but I haven’t seen those yet. If they are not THAT bad I will try to post some up here 😉

In my fantasy world called Second Life, I have been making some nice new friends. It’s what I love most, so many wonderfull people out there in this great big world who you normally never get to meet. I met a nice guy who helped me out getting a new profile picture. The pictures turned out absolutely stunning! I also did a twin photoshoot with my friend Martini:

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My friend Rene is planning in some time next week to help me figure out being a DJ 🙂 I have been wanting to learn for a long time now. So any tips? Send them my way please 😉

And keep those comments coming, I loved them sooo very very much!