Writing it off


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Sometimes life just seems to get the best of you and slaps you in your face…  Time for me to wake up and start to actually do something to make life better instead of staying frozen and letting it all just happen.  I guess it just all became a bit to much to handle. Seeing my mom struggle through life and not being able to help, losing my job & my study, having huge financial troubles, knowing the one person who really understands me completely will always be so far away…

Time now to stop thinking like that… this blogpost really just for me to read when I feel down again…

–> I can help my mom just by being there for her, supporting her, hugging her when she feels bad. That  DOES help….

–> I will find a new job and it will be better and less stressfull

–> I will find a way to finish my study no matter how long it may take me, I can do it…

–> Finances will be better when I have my new job and they give me a steady contract.

–> So many people around me who support me and love me, time to stop complaining and see what I have and not focus on what I can’t have…  I am so lucky to have such amazing people around me in life….

–> Time to stop hiding in this crazy virtual world and face life again and find back what makes me happy